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Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Richard Quest: Babbler

from 4/2/02

But we will have something for you right now on how to find our Richard Quest, our quest to find this crazy guy. You might call it the ultimate houseboat. It's redefining the concept of a waterfront home. Luxury apartments on a cruise ship are up for sale right now. Our Richard Quest is live in Hamburg, Germany, where the ship has just docked.
How long have you been on the ground -- Richard...

It's commodore Quest, you able seaman, Harris. Now I have been on board this -- please, I have got me blazer on, can't you see? You don't get this sort of thing for nothing. Yes, indeed, you've got dress posh if you are on this particular ship. And don't call it a boat -- not if you don't want to get thrown off overboard.
This is the World, 110 private apartments on board this luxury liner.