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Monday, June 03, 2002
Richard Tours Buckingham Palace... and shows off his posh education

On August 3, 2001, Richard reported on the annual opening of Buckingham Palace to the public, which got to tour the gardens and state rooms for the first time...

Hey, Richard, what was the biggest hit for you once you did get a chance to go inside there and see things?

QUEST: Oh, the rooms are really quite spectacular. There's no getting away from that. The throne room with the room with the letters "E" and "R" and "P" for Philip on the other chair, really Quite remarkable.

But you know, at the end of the day, you all want to take something home, and I'm delighted to say that Buckingham palace or "Buck House," as its known, has really got in on that.
Let me show you one or two of the little things that you might have as a souvenir.

Now how would you like to have a couple of these? These are Buckingham Palace mints. You can either have the finest milk chocolate or you can have the finest mint chocolate. They go nicely after dinner.
But look at this, this the real cream de la cream. It's a box of shortbread biscuits.
It costs about $6. There you are. There are real shortbread.
Proving that her majesty likes to have a cup of tea with her shortbread, they also sell your queen mugs.
This one has got the royal coat of arms on this swanky, which I know, Leon, your Latin is well and truly up to date, so you'll be able to tell us.

HARRIS: It's a bit rusty, I must say.

QUEST: Well, not to worry. "Evil to him who evil thinks," and it's also copyrighted to her majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II, and the two together make a perfect opportunity.

Now, Leon, even though the flag was flying above the palace, which means that the queen is in residence at the moment, she didn't come down to offer us tea and biscuits.

HARRIS: But at least you got away with the queen's mug, you know. That's a great day if you get to go home with the mug of the queen.

QUEST: Absolutely.