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Tuesday, June 04, 2002
What Does Richard Play with While He's in the Bath?

On March 1, 2002, reporting from London, Richard tells Paula Zhan and Jack Cafferty about the popularity of Enron memorabilia

QUEST: There are some promotional Enron giftware and goods. Things like Enron rubber ducks. So, Jack, you and Paula, pool your vast resources, tell me how much you want me to bid, and maybe next ...

CAFFERTY: Those ...

QUEST: ... week here in front of me, I'll have a little Enron rubber duck.

CAFFERTY: Are those the same Enron rubber ducks that Skilling played with in the bathtub?

QUEST: We don't want to know what Mr. Skilling was playing with in the bathtub.

CAFFERTY: I guess you're right ...


CAFFERTY: ... there. Yes I lost my head.


CAFFERTY: You're absolutely right. Let's proceed.

QUEST: Well maybe he was - but no, let's leave that where it lies. I need my job.