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Thursday, June 27, 2002
Drop Your Clothes, Richard!

Poor Richard got soaked in the rain while covering Paul McCarthney's wedding in Monaghan, Ireland for CNN DayBreak on June, 10, 2002.

Anchor Kyra Phillips may have a wee crush on our laddie. She opens the segment with
All right, we're talking about Ireland, all right?
And CNN's irrepressible Richard Quest -- you know we all love Richard -- he's at the Castle Leslie in Ireland on the eve of a wedding it seems the world wants to attend. He's actually in the pouring rain, Chad [the weatherman]

KYRA PHILLIPS: : All right, Richard. Chad and I both want to see the digs where you're staying. We heard they're pretty high class on that CNN budget.

RICHARD QUEST: Yes, well let me tell you, there wasn't a bed and breakfast, there wasn't a bed for 20 miles around until we found this place. Just eat your heart out. Let's just hope the chief financial officer of AOL Time Warner, parent company of this network, isn't watching, because you'll wonder how much he's playing for this place. Absolutely gorgeous -- Hilton Park.

My bedroom has a four-poster bed, although I'm not sure that they're not storing the solid fuel for the heating system under the mattress, it's so lumpy. The bathrooms are nice. No showers, but the accommodations are very palatial.
And the family that's owned it since the 17th century, they actually cook your breakfast.


PHILLIPS: : Oh my gosh, royal treatment, no doubt. Richard Quest, thank you.

MEYERS: Without a bathroom. You don't need one. You've got a shower right there.

PHILLIPS: : : Drop your clothes, Richard.

MEYERS: Oh no, this isn't naked news. It's been done.

PHILLIPS: : : Oh yes, really.