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Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Oh Behave, Richard!

On Friday June 28, 2002, Richard checked in from across the pond with CNN AMERICAN MORNING WITH PAULA ZAHN

Anchor Jack Cafferty spoke with Richard about the upcoming James Bond 40th Anniversary celebration and Richard revealed some 007 talents of his own.

JACK CAFFERTY: You've got a big festival over there marking -- what -- the 40th anniversary of 007...


CAFFERTY:...which I assume is why you are changing your neck wear.[Richard puts on a bow tie] Oh, that looks nice.

QUEST:...I am indeed. Shaken, not stirred. Yes, it's the 40th anniversary party tonight for James Bond, and they are having a big bash, because of course, the next movie is about to come out. And here, I have always wanted to do this on television, Jack, my favorite Bond line. OK? It comes from "Goldfinger," "Do you expect me to talk?" "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

CAFFERTY: : You could have had a role in one of those films. You've got that down pretty good. What's your favorite James Bond film?

QUEST:...It's "Goldfinger."


QUEST:...It's only because Shirley Bassey looked like she was having a spasm as she sang the opening number.

CAFFERTY: Is that the one...


CAFFERTY: Is that the one that had Pussy Galore in it?

QUEST:...Yes, well, don't take me there, Jack. Don't take me there.

CAFFERTY: Now, now, it's a character name in one of the James Bond's films.

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Oh, Richard, it's amazing that you can carry on on that set over there in London, and your coworkers behind you just go about their business and don't even notice your shenanigans.

QUEST:...: A, they are used to it, and B, they prefer to just leave me in case I might just go away on my own.

HEMMER: I can understand that. I can understand that.