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Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Peasants are Revolting to Richard? He Must Be Cranky With All That Walking He Must Endure Due to the London Tube Strike

Last Friday, on the July 19, 2002 broadcast of CNN American Morning with Paula Zahn, Richard reported on the strikes crippling London right now.

Well, well, well, they say misery loves company, right, and Londoners had plenty of both this week.

A strike by employees of London's Underground apparently paralyzed the city's subway system, known as the Tube, forcing millions of commuters into the light looking for transportation alternatives.

The Tube strike is just one of the stories making news "Over There," where Richard Quest joins us. Richard, what's up?

The peasants are revolting, literally!

And what seems to have happened is that the stiff upper lip has gone a little limp and feeble, because they have been on strike.

We have had two major strikes in the last week or so.

One was public workers. That was the teachers. We had people who bury the dead. We had all sorts of public sector workers, who decided to go on strike for a 6 percent pay raise.

That was compounded by a Tube strike, because the workers on the London Underground, the subway, basically caused absolute chaos and mayhem.
Over three-and-a-half million people a day use the Tube. They weren't able to get -- we weren't able to get to work.

I had to walk, and believe me, that's not a pretty sight, indeed, after a hard day, so to speak.

So all it raised questions about is whether the Labour government of Tony Blair is now in deep trouble with the workers, because let me tell you, there are many more strikes planned over the summer.