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Thursday, July 25, 2002
Richard Really Really Needs a Vacation!!!

On the same 7/19/02 CNN American Morning with Paula Zahn broadcast, Richard tried to insert himself into a suitcase in order to illustrate a news story about a Belgian woman who tried to smuggle her boyfriend into Italy in a suitcase.

NEVILLE: Now, Richard, I'm going to back to this suitcase thing, because the producer is saying that you are going someplace, on some trip, so I need to find out about this. Is this true or not?

QUEST:Ah! Ah! Well, this is all about the Belgium woman who decided to smuggle her boyfriend, her Kurdish boyfriend, off the ferry into Italy. She decided to smuggle him in a suitcase. And it was only...

NEVILLE: Ah, there's the suitcase.

QUEST:There's -- it was only when the suitcase looked heavy to the custom's officers that they decided there was more to it.

So let's put it to the test. What sort of suitcase could you actually smuggle somebody in?

Well, this might do well. It would be nice for holding your bags. But really, I don't think I'm going to get into this particular one in a hurry.

NEVILLE: I don't think so.

QUEST: Right. But how about this steamer trunk? Now, now, we're talking. Look at this.

NEVILLE: Go for it.

QUEST: This is what we think -- this is what we think they used to get him into Turkey -- I mean, into Italy. I'm still having a bit of difficulty. You'll have to forgive me. Well...

NEVILLE: Don't hurt yourself, Richard.

QUEST:Me long legs are giving me pain already, and we haven't even got out of the studio. But I'll tell you one interesting thing about this. You wouldn't get in the overhead compartment.

NEVILLE: You're right, not at all. And, Richard, I've got to tell you something. First of all, I wouldn't be getting into a suitcase, but if so, it has to look much better than that.

QUEST:You know...

NEVILLE: I've got to travel in style, no matter what.

QUEST:It's a bit -- it's a rather nice sort of suitcase. It's a bit of an old steamer trunk, but enough of that. Oh, and final one, we could always have this, and then you'd just climb into this one. It's got wheels. I'd better be very careful. This could all end in tears.

NEVILLE: Oh, geez!

QUEST: No, I think I'm just going to have to buy a ticket for my holiday this year.