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blog devoted to CNN International Business anchor, Richard Quest, who looks like a cross between Roger Daltry and a Muppet. You have to see him to believe him...

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Monday, July 29, 2002
New Dispatch from a Quest Quips Reader

Martha tells us....

All I have to say is that you rule. I cannot believe you have a blog
devoted entirely to Richard Quest-- i thought i was the only person who
noticed how insane (in the best possible way) he is.

Richard did the economic segment on CNN Daybreak here in the US on Friday, and it was utter madness. The (temporary) anchor is fellow goofball Anderson Cooper, and things quickly got totally out of hand. By the end, Richard was pointing to the map behind him (ala a weatherman), trying to explain to cooper where the british go on holiday. needless to say, this caused him not only to turn his back to the camera for long periods of time but also to totally lose his microphone (which ended up on the floor). It was amazing.