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Friday, August 02, 2002
Richard's Tastes Redux

From today's broadcast of CNN's American Morning with Paula Zahn...

HEMMER:Yes. Who is the man behind the curtain, by the way, Richard?

QUEST: We can't show him.

HEMMER:You can't, OK, all right.

QUEST:We'd have to...


QUEST:We'd have to kill him if we showed him on television, and we'd also have to pay large amounts of money. Finally from me, now, look, how about -- a couple of weeks ago, we talked about eating baked beans on toast. Now, there is a man in Britain. His name is Jeffrey Smitt (ph). He says basically he has eaten fish and chips out of paper every day for the past 40 years, 40 years of fish and chips. We make that 14,000 portions of fish and chips. That's an enormous...

HEMMER:There's nothing else to eat in London, is there?

QUEST:Oh, very funny.

HEMMER:Unless you hit one of your fine Indian restaurants in central London?

QUEST:So, would you like to have any fish and chips?

HEMMER:Yes, that would be wonderful. That would be a yes.

Hey, thank you, Richard -- nice stuff. And I guess we'll see you next week. Ever try mayonnaise with those fries, by the way?


HEMMER:It's a Dutch thing. Hey, Richard, have a good weekend.

QUEST:Have a good one.

Dear Constant Readers, sorry about the delay in postings. It's been a week filled with meetings and deadlines.