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Thursday, August 15, 2002
Richard's Schooling Revealed

On August 9, 2002 broadcast of CNN American Morning with Paula Zahn, Richard showed off his posh education by correcting the grammar of US website,, and recalling his own bright school days with this report on how a website that reunites old school mates is triggering marital breakups in Britain.

In this country, it's called In Britain, they have one of those Web sites that's designed to reunite you with your old classmates, old friends, a huge success over there. But it turns out many of these reunions are people getting in touch with their old flames, and it's wrecking some marriages.
Joining us now with more about that and some other things making news "Over There," my buddy and yours, Richard Quest.

Good morning, sir. How are you doing?

Oh, this is a goody, Jack,, or as we call it over here, Friends Reunited. You see, once again, typically, you go for the slovenly way of speech. We prefer the correct form of grammar and dictum., this is what it is.

And this where, indeed, you can reunite yourself with many of your classmates from school. As actually you can see there, I have logged myself in. I went to King David School (Liverpool), I went to Roundhay School ( Leeds), and a whole lot of other places.


CAFFERTY: Did you go to reform school?

Unfortunately, we'll never know as Richard ignored Jack's question. Ah, maybe on the next round...