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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Getting Jiggered with Richard

In his inimitable style, Richard covered the Air Show in Farnborough, England on July 22, 2002 for CNN Live Today.

Let's listen in, shall we?

QUEST: Absolutely. So there you are. We have seen a plane land. We are going to see -- there is another one taking off in a moment, Kyra, and I'm absolutely jiggered. Remember that phrase, you are going to hear it a lot up Farnborough.

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: All right, I'm feeling very jiggered now, Richard Quest. I hear you've got the company jet. You were able to come in on the CNN plane. You still have it -- are you still next to it?

QUEST: No, we don't have the company jet, actually. We have flown it off. I didn't know you wanted to see the company jet. I'll tell you what, if you come back -- well, I promise I will have the CNN corporate jet for you. We did have it here earlier. I'm sorry.

PHILLIPS: That's all right.

QUEST: I tell you, we may have the other -- the really big corporate jet. Look at that one. Now, I wonder what member of CNN management is arriving in that particular corporate jet at that end of the runway.

PHILLIPS: Definitely not you or me, Richard. We didn't get that in our contracts.

QUEST: Well, if you did, your agents are doing jolly good better than mine. I barely got a pair of roller blades and a bicycle.


PHILLIPS: All right, Richard Quest, with his head in the clouds there at the airshow. We will check in with you again, I promise. I will be looking forward to seeing the jet that you came in on, all right, Richard?

QUEST: All right, Kyra. I'm jiggered remember, jiggered.

PHILLIPS: Getting jiggered with it. All right, Richard, thank you.