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Thursday, September 05, 2002
Richard tours the Gifts to Queen Elizabeth II on display at Buckingham Palace and reports his finding 8/4/02 on CNN Sunday

What's not on display here are any of the live animals from race horses to crocodiles that the Queen's also received, or the fresh fruit and veg she's been given. That usually ends up in the palace kitchens.

There is a favorite, though. Normally on display at Windsor Castle this grasshopper-shaped wine cooler given by France in 1972. At least here you can say you gave the Queen something she didn't already have.

All the gifts that the Queen has ever received have been catalogued and then carefully stored in the Royal household. After all, it will be a nightmare if they couldn't find one on a particular visit.

What would you say if the Thai Royal Family turned up and said whatever happened to that elephant we gave you back in 1960? The palace can say, oh but of course, it's on display.