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Friday, September 20, 2002
Temper, Temper Richard

On today's CNN This American Morning with Paula Zahn, Richard was rather snappish whilst reporting on the fox hunt protests in London. Let's listen in, shall we?

QUEST: Right. Tally ho! Yes, 300,000 protesters from the countryside alliance, the so-called Green Wellington Brigade. You know, they wear Barbour coats, green wellies and a flat gap (ph). They are going to...

CAFFERTY: What are wellies?

QUEST: You know, wellies -- Wellington boots. You wear them on your -- gun boots.

CAFFERTY: Why don't you just say "boots" -- "green boots."

QUEST: Well, we call them "wellies," and you'll just have to lump it.


QUEST: The fact is, they're going to be in London mixing with those horrible urban folk, who are grubby and rather nasty, and they're going to take over London, because they want to protest...

And the interesting thing, and we're going to be looking for, to see whether Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles' -- what are we calling her at this point?


QUEST: Mistress.


QUEST: Prince Charles' mistress. Call a spade a shovel, Jack.

CAFFERTY: Yes. Careful.

QUEST: She is going -- he doesn't want -- even though he supports fox hunting, he doesn't want her to go, because it's a political debate. She will probably turn up. There will be hundreds of thousands of them cluttering up the streets. They should stay in the countryside shoveling manure where they normally are.

CAFFERTY: Also, there would be a risk if she went that the hounds would tree the wrong prey.

QUEST: I knew you were going to suggest that somebody might jump on her back and ride around.