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Friday, October 11, 2002
Richard's New Show on CNNi debuts October 13, 2002
JNN/CNN Center gives us the scoop
Industrious Lou? Check out Richard Quest, Mr. Dobbs!
Yeah, yeah... once again at the top. Richard Quest will be starting a new show - "Business Traveller" - on CNN International. The promo says it will premier Sunday, October 13. This is his third after "BizNews" and "Business Central." Apparently Richard Quest will traveling around the world showing the best ways of enjoying business travel and the best places to stay in. Speaking of new shows, CNN's newest - "Design 360" - is one of my favorites these days. Hala Gorani really rocks!!! Plus, she's one of my favorite CNN hosts. [SA]

Oh, how I wish I could see the new show on American CNN...perhaps they'll slip it in. Those of you who catch the show, write to me and tell me what's it like. Pictures encouraged!