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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Fresh Quest Quips!

thanks to our correspondent JoAnne who has thoughtfully transcribed some BizNews for us.

Seems we weren't the only ones who missed Richard. Jenny Harrison, who does the International weather had this to say:

Jenny Harrison(World Weather Center):

Good morning Hala, and hello to you Mr. Stranger. Welcome back. Yes, I can see you are looking very well indeed, after the last few weeks of your travels.

Well, I can tell you what weather across Europe will soon get rid of that tan for you, Richard, because we've got more cloudy damp weather across much of Western Europe over the next few hours....

This exchange was after a clip of the new Bond film and mention of the premiere:

Hala: And that Bond premiere also included Richard Quest.
Richard: Well I was there of course...
Hala: You weren't strolling down the red capet with the (unintelligible) stars?
Richard: In a bikini (very big grin)
Hala: In a bikini?