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Friday, November 22, 2002
Chesty Richard

He turned up on today's CNN American Morning with Paula Zahn with a chest cold, I think.

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: The life of the royal terrier, Dottie, is spared, but Princess Anne bitten by the press. Three photographers who snapped pictures of Princess Di's car crash are going on trial. And we've got some other stuff.
We're going to go "Over There," check in with my friend, Richard Quest, who is back with us on Friday, as is his want, to take a look at what the folks on Fleet Street have their knickers in a knot about.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And very chesty I am, too, having stood outside that dreaded magistrate's court yesterday for three hours in the rain. It's got right on my chest, Jack, I'll tell you that.


QUEST: Talking about that, how about Princess Anne? Now, never mind her chest. There she is coming out of court yesterday, looking deeply unhappy having been fined the best part of $1,800. And who could blame her? This is the way the newspapers described her: "Princess Criminal."