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Monday, November 25, 2002
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More Richard on the Bond Movie Premiere in London

Richard: 40 years since the suave British agent was admonished by his boss “Flattery will get you nowhere but don’t stop trying.”
Hala: 19 films after Dr. No, Bond is still taking Ms. Moneypenny’s advice to heart, flattering the girls and flattening the villians.
Richard: To find out more I went to London’s premiere of 007’s latest escapade.

Richard (reporting from the red carpet in black tie with a very dashing white scarf) : Barely is the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in their seats and the movie just underway and already they’re pulling up the grandstand. There are carpets being rolled up.

Fame it seems is fleeting.

For the Bond movies though there has been a lasting ability over 4 decades this is the 20th movie, Die Another Day and it’s Pierce Brosnan’s fourth.

He said he’ll do a fifth. Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Bond men present and past were here for the opening as indeed was Madonna. She sings the title song. Brosnan and Madonna met up on the red carpet. There was a quick kiss and both
went inside. Of course the Bond girl for the new century, Halle Berry, was an enormous attraction. Not only does she recreate part of Ursula Andress’s famous bikini sequence from Dr. No, in her own right she has given the Bond movies a new look. And, finally, proving just how fleeting fame can be, even before the movie’s over, we’re rolling up the red carpet. Time to go home.

(Richard walks over and helps roll up the carpet.) Richard: And a lot fun was had by all, although it was a very, very cold night.

Richard observed: "Bit of sophistry there. What it means is we wouldn't make so much money. We'd have to pay for those cars and stunts out of our own pocket "