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blog devoted to CNN International Business anchor, Richard Quest, who looks like a cross between Roger Daltry and a Muppet. You have to see him to believe him...

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Monday, December 02, 2002
Happy Birthday to the CNN Indeed webmistress, Ariane!

Many happy returns!

I Always Thought Richard Reminded Me of Terry Thomas

JoAnne sends this dispatch on the 25/11/02 broadcast of BizNews...

Richard must have had a hard time adjusting from weekend to work week on Monday. He kept stumbling over his words. One time he took his thumb and pushed on his upper teeth, saying something to the effect that it (his mouth) would start working soon. Both he and Hala seemed to be caught off-guard when returning from breaks. After one story ran, we got to see what Richard had been doing while it ran. For two or three seconds he played with his watch on camera. It was so cute! I also spent the evening telling him to fix his collar(it kept sticking out of his jacket). Oh my, I really need to get a life.

Next quip....

Hala reported that the European markets were expected
to be a few points higher when they opened. Richard
quipped: "A few points here, a few points there, and
pretty soon you're talking real profits"