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Tuesday, December 03, 2002
What Part of Richard's Anatomy Would You Like to Photocopy?

This morning, reports JoAnne, CNN's American Morning with Paula Zahn mentioned Richard during the "Cafferty Files" segment:

A study in Britain says around 2 1/3 million Brits
will do something embarrassing at their office
Christmas parties. Momentum Financial Services
conducted the study, which said roughly 1/2 of British
workers will attend office parties. Of those
surveyed, the last time around:

44% Danced inappropriately
31% Enjoyed a passionate kiss with a colleague
20% Broke something in office due to drunkenness
4% Photocopied parts of their anatomy

Jack Cafferty: No word on what percent didn't
remember what they may have done.

Bill Hemmer: I wonder what Richard Quest...I bet
Richard Quest has a few stories about that. Next time
we get him up we might want to inquire about that.

Jack: Richard may be one of the people in the study,

Daryn Kagan: He might be the entire study.

Jack: He could be the whole study.

Bill: It might be his derriere on the photo machine.