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Wednesday, December 04, 2002
Making Hay with Richard

From the 26/11/02 edition of Business Central

Tuesday's special weather segment is Jenny's gardening tips. Jenny advised viewers to cover their strawberries with hay. Richard quipped: "I shall be out and about covering my strawberries with hay, although some people prefer cream on them myself."

I would give anything to have heard this. I swoon when anyone British says the word "strawberry." That accent makes it sound like the most lucious thing to ever reach your mouth.

I Love the Haircut!

Just saw an edition of Business Traveller, courtesy of the generous JoAnne. Thanks for the tape, JoAnne! But I love him best when he's anchoring live.

She's also generously provided us with this quip from the 26/11/02 edition of Business Central.

Paula Hancocks reported that David Nash, chairman designate of Cable and Wireless, was "given the boot" before he even started the job. Paula remarked that the chief executive had been expected to "fall on his sword." Richard commented: "Do you know, I'd give tomorrows's tea money to have been part of the private conversations that booted the chairman designate and kept the chief executive. And I suspect we'll know in the days ahead who really fell on what."