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Friday, December 06, 2002
3/12/02 BizNews Transcript from JoAnne

Richard's always complaining about the weather:"If what's happening outside this building is anything to go by, there's a flood of biblical proportions getting underway."
After a story on year-end bonuses (apparently some companies are giving cash bonuses in foreign currency):

Richard: Now, CNN has found a good way of giving, with tea bags.

Hala: Tea bags, yes.

Richard: Tea bags, good market in tea bags.

Hala: Hoping they devalue eventually...

Richard: Hopefully.

Hala: we can sell them back.

Richard: Either that or disintegrate.

To Henk Potts of Barclay's Stockbrokers, regarding the tug of war in markets between bears and bulls:

Richard: In other words, Henk, you've successfully sat on the fence.

Henk: Exactly.

Richard: Thank you very much indeed. Hope it's comfortable. Henk Potts, sitting on the fence with his bonus.

SNERK! I just love the way Richard's mind works.