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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
The Bong Show

Here's a dispatch from the 5/12/02 edition of Business Central (courtesy of my lovely transcriber, Miz JoAnne)

"(Morning Europe), afternoon Asia, goodnight Americas,Europe's doing business."

"It's alway nice to hear your bongs on Business Central."


After a weather update: "All that talk about nice, hot, sunny weather......I tell you, I've got a nasty sniffle as a result of some of the rain and cold that we're suffering here, but then I guess I'm not alone
in that regarding ."

In response to Todd Benjamin's comment that "you can't fly first class on a kid's ticket.": Todd Benjamin, who is clearly flying first class. (I wonder if) management know? Have you told them that? [addressed to off-camera person] I'm still in the back, right?!"