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Thursday, December 12, 2002
Our First Quest Sighting!
CW from London sent this in:
I live in London, and I first spotted Richard watching CNN on holiday, and have been taping his show (when I remember) as he's on first thing in the morning and I'm usually dashing to get to work. I've also seen him on Business Traveller and enjoy reading all the contributions on your site.

Now, this freaked me out (as you can well imagine) - but on Friday
night I met the man himself.

I was having dinner with my husband and a couple of friends in Soho,
and three men came in, and sat on the table next to us. I immediately
recognised Richard and stared at my husband until he noticed him too (so I knew I wasn't going mad).
So... he was sat next to me (we were on a kind of couch going right
across the wall so it was a bit of a squeeze. My friend recognised one of the two guys he was with also from TV.
Now, I kept my cool and didn't want to spoil his evening by butting in,
so I bided my time.
He did squeeze past me a couple of times - he went out for cigarettes
(so that's where he gets his gravelly voice from), and also accidentally
nudged my foot at one point, and apologised.
When he got up to leave, I knew I'd hate myself for not saying
anything...So I said I knew who he was, that I was a big fan. I think he was very surprised - I guess he doesn't get recognised much!? I asked why he wasn't on TV more often, and he said he was on every day over here, but had been to Australia and India recently (which of course I knew), and that he'd be on Business Traveller on Sunday (ditto).
Then he left. He did seem flattered, but I was disappointed not to have
learnt anything new from him - my next question to him was going to be if he knew your website was devoted to him!
So there we go. My husband and I kept saying how no one would realise quite how weird it was that he should sit right down next to me.
And please don't think London is so tiny that we're bumping into famous people all the time - we're not!! It was just a really freaky coincidence....