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Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Richard Railroads His Own Quips

On the 10/12/2002 edition of Business Central, JoAnne tells us Richard starts the segment with this bong mot:

“And the bong rings, we’re starting to trade.”

Later on he has this to say about Hong Kong's weather:

“Now that’s a corker of a day across the harbor.”

And the Quest Quip of the Day:

“Let’s talk about John Snow, the new man at the [U.S.] Treasury. He’s got the job of railroading (Richard laughs at his own joke--Snow was CEO of CSX, a railroad)....

JoAnne adds "I thought it was quite funny actually, railroading [U.S.] President Bush’s tax cuts through Congress next year."

Todd gave a painful grin at chuckled at the joke.

Do you think Todd secretly hate Richard and his grandstanding?