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Friday, December 27, 2002
We're Back!
Having trouble publishing in, but still posting.

Spent the Xmas holiday week in Los Angeles with my family. Happily, my parent's cable operator has CNN fn in its lineup so I got to watch Business International on Wednesday, December 25th. What an Xmas treat to see Richard and Becky Anderson live. So many memorable quips and unusual methods of delivery but I'm afraid I've forgotten precise quotations.

I do remember being happily amused when Richard asked the Question of the Day about whether religious leaders have any affect on modern culture. As I remember it, he commented after a clip of the Pope delivering his Xmas speech with "Religious leaders still deliver their opinions but no one seems to pay any attention to them..."

I also noticed that Becky actually examined her nails on camera! You never see that in a newscast in the States. I was also amused by Richard and Becky's apparent disinterest in a report on the Queen's Xmas Message. Richard looked quite sour when asked his opinion of the message.