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Friday, January 03, 2003
That's Sir Richard Quest, to you...

JoAnne tells us that the following is the longest market update she's ever seen.

CNN Live at Daybreak 31/12/02

Market Watch European Stocks

Richard: If I'm checking the financial markets then it's a pretty slow job. It's December the 31st, and the German market is closed.

They've already gone off for a bit of beer and celebrations, even though it's only the middle of the morning there. In France and London the markets are downright boring. I'll barely tell you that they're...they're, they're almost unchanged.

Look, on New Year's Eve, we don't want to
be talking about this sort of slowness. There's absolutely nothing happening out there. It's not often I get a chance to sort of say that if your portfolio is under water, you need to fret not today....

Richard: Besides that, Catherine, the only thing important (picks up newspaper) thing I've got to do today is just check whether I appear in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's New Years Honors list (opens paper
and peruses it).

Catherine: Did you?

Richard: ...whether or not it's going to be Sir well I haven't found me name so far, and it doesn't appear to be in the OBE's, the MBE's, the CBE's, the KBE's, so I guess...

Catherine: let's hope it's not in the OBE's...

Richard: I guess...

Catherine: (giggling) Is it there?

Richard: So I guess it's's, well there's a long list...

Catherine: All right, come on then....

Richard: So I guess I'm afraid I'm just going to have to keep pedaling the CNN bicycle for a little bit longer.

Catherine: Richard, if it's such a bore there in the European markets, you should just go home early and celebrate the New Year.

Richard: I'll tell me boss that I've brought a note from you, and that should sort everything out just nicely.

Catherine: I'll sign that and fax it right over to you. How are those in London ringing in the New Year? Any big celebrations?

Richard: Well, it's a fascinating, yeah it's a fascination experience. Because like in New York, where everybody goes to Times Square, and the ball drops, everybody goes rah rah rah (waves an invisible
banner), here in London people tend to congregate in Trafalgar Square, where Nelson's column is.

Now I've done that meself a few times. This year it's going to
be slightly more difficult because, A) they're constructing major new roadworks so they've asked people not to turn up, and B) you can't actually hear Big Ben chime midnight.

(Catherine giggles) So what you end up with is thousands of people in Trafalgar Square, and everybody's looking at their watches, listening to the radio, and somebody cheers thinking it's the New Year, and somebody else cheers, and before long you realize it's half past twelve, you've missed it all, the champagne's gone (Catherine laughs)
and you've missed the last bus home.

Catherine: (laughing) We need to work on Big Ben's bell I guess, huh. Happy New Year to you Richard.

Richard: And a Happy New Year. And hopefully this time next year, it'll be Sir, Lord, OBE, KBE, MBE.

It's my turn! (taps pen sharply on the desk several

Catherine: (laughing) Start writing letters to the Queen then. All right, bye Richard.