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Friday, January 10, 2003
Richard is a Bit Lost Today

On the 7/1/03 Business Central program, JoAnne reports, Richard found himself lost.

After a weather update from Jenny, Richard seemed a bit distracted : "We thank you for that, Jenny Harrison at the, she's not at the London Stock Exchange, she's at the CNN International Weather Center. Well, hey, I mean, you never know, before we're finished! We thank you for that. We'll be back with you in a moment. We'll have more Biz News, uh, Business...oh dear, oh dear, it's all going to pieces this morning. Back in a moment."

After the break, he had this to say, "Right. We've pulled ourselves together, and we're now quite sure where we are, so a quick recap of the business news headlines for you."

And later, introducing Paula Hancocks at the Stock Exchange: "At least I've got you all in the right place now. I had Jenny at the Stock Exchange, you at the Weather Center. But I think I know where I am now."

Paula replied, "O.K.. I think you just sorted out a job swap for us. Could be fun, who knows?"