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blog devoted to CNN International Business anchor, Richard Quest, who looks like a cross between Roger Daltry and a Muppet. You have to see him to believe him...

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003
We Get More Mail!

Heidi wrote in to tell us:

I was just writing to say thanks for your Quest Quips, and to let you know there's another Richard Quest "fan" out here. I believe that if he could deliver all the news, the world would be a much better, or stranger, place.

I guess I won't go on and on about why I like him so much, but I am convinced he's drunk,or has been sniffing glue and any minute he's going to snap and jump over the desk, revealing to the world that he's not wearing pants (and maybe giant clown shoes) and proud of it. He's just that kind of freaky.

Thank you again.