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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

If Richard's Now in New York for the Week, Does He Call CNN American Morning Segment "Over Here"?

JoAnne has graciously shared her transcript of Richard's appearance in the New York studio of CNN American Morning with Paula Zahn on January 27, 2003.

Here's just a taste of the zaniness that ensued:

Richard was in Las Vegas for a trade show and shared this story about his flight from Las Vegas back to New York City.

Quest: I must just tell you, on the way back, on the flight, from Las Vegas to New York, it’s a “red eye” flight, I’m sleeping, so I take me glasses off, and I put them on, I hook them on the…

Cafferty: …the thing on the front…

Quest: the seat pocket, on the outside. Middle of the night, I cross me legs. Glasses go everywhere. I have to get onto the floor. I’m now scrambling on the floor. The plane is dark. Suddenly….(Quest is bent over demonstrating)

Cafferty: (as Quest’s hand gets a little too close to Jack’s leg for comfort) Watch it.

Quest: Yeah, well, that’s exactly what happened. The glasses have gone right up the plane, and suddenly I’m looking up at this gentleman as I’m feeling ‘round his feet.

Cafferty laughs hard

Paula Zahn: Did he recognize you as being a CNN employee?

Quest: Believe me, that was the least of my problems at that moment.