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Monday, February 03, 2003
Richard the Blunt

Richard was in a "tell it like it is" mood during his "Over There" segment report on Friday, January 31, 2003's broadcast of CNN This American Morning.

CAFFERTY: All right. That's fair enough. Now, let's move on to the juicier part of this report which would be the scandal that you're talking about. I just can't wait.

QUEST: She was a strumpet.


CAFFERTY: What is a strumpet? I think I know.

QUEST: Well, it's a word I can't use on family television...

CAFFERTY: Yes. Yes, I was right.

QUEST: ... and in a variety of -- variety of words I can't.

Wallis -- Wallis Simpson, she was an American divorcee, it was 1935, she was having an affair with a man called Guy Trundle, a used car salesman. By the way, for some reason -- she was also, of course, going out with the Prince of Wales. For some reason again and again we're told that Guy Trundle worked for the Ford Motor Company.

CAFFERTY: Why is -- why does that matter?

QUEST: I have no idea, but it's in the police report that this man who was having an affair with the mistress of Edward and for some reason that's considered. But listen, what's fascinating about this, 70 odd years after that scandal happened and new facts come out which still absolutely enthrall us. This was a man who gave up his throne for a woman who was having an affair with a car salesman from the Ford Motor Company.

CAFFERTY: That's outrageous.

QUEST: Absolutely.

I wish I had a clip of him saying the word "strumpet"- I bet he put a lot of flourish in the prenunciation.