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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

On the February 7, 2003 edition of CNN American Morning, Richard shared Briton reaction to the broadcast of the now-infamous interview with Michael Jackson.

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Michael's world and welcome to it, strange place that it may be to some. The controversial king of pop, Michael Jackson, had a documentary made. He gave the filmmaker access to his personal life for a couple of months. The program aired here on ABC last night. It first aired Monday in Britain, and people are still talking about it there.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I felt quite sorry for him, I have to say. And I think I can understand why -- I think you got more of an insight into why he is like he is. So, I have to say I felt a lot of sympathy for him, but I still think he's an oddball.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I didn't think he's changed that much. I mean, he's still the king of pop, and he is a bit, you know, up the scales in his weirdness.


CAFFERTY: I feel sorry for him, but he's a bit of an oddball. It's an interesting assessment.

For more on the fallout from Michael Jackson's remarks, as we continue to beat this story into submission, let's go "Over There." It is Friday, you know, and time for my friend, Richard Quest, who joins us from London.

Good morning, sir.


CAFFERTY: Yes, we live on that stuff, don't we?

QUEST: Well, that's what Michael Jackson's lawyers and PR people are describing the program called "Living With Michael Jackson." He regards it as a gross distortion of the truth, a travesty of the truth.

And what we have really seen all week amidst the serious of Iraq, the tragedy of the shuttle, the whole panoply of other stories, Britain has been talking, like you are now talking, about Michael Jackson.

In this morning's papers, he's a "perfect dad," says the mum of two of Michael Jackson's children. "Jackson: 'I was betrayed" in another paper. I'll tell you, Jack, this one just goes on and on, but what we also know is that Jackson's PR people and his lawyers are watching all television coverage very closely to make sure that none of us cross the line and perhaps say things that might get us all in very deep water.

CAFFERTY: Let me ask you a question. This is a guy who arguably has been accused of bizarre behavior for the better part of his adult life. There are sealed court records in California, where an out-of- court settlement was made against a kid whose family alleged some improper behavior. There is this famous scene about hanging his kid over the balcony from a hotel. If he gives a filmmaker access to his private life for two months, what in the hell did he expect might be shown on television?

QUEST: And let's face it. If merely having weird behavior in our adult life was an offense, you and I would have some serious problems as well. This went...

CAFFERTY: Well, you would.

Ohhh, rude burn, Jack! But our man recovered nicely with

QUEST: Thank you. This went further than that, Jack