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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Can We Get a Visual Here?

The transcript of Richard's report on the world's smallest dog for the 2/14/03 broadcast of CNN's This American Morning was practically unintelligble. Make of it what you will...

QUEST: Jack, this is the story of the dog -- the 9-inch dog that is now the youngest -- the smallest dog. It's only 9 inches in size. It's a Yorkshire terrier, and it's called Whitney (ph).

Now, to give you an idea of what a 9-inch dog looks like, well, that's a very, very small, little pig. This is a little bit larger sheep.

CAFFERTY: I'm sorry I asked.

QUEST: And this -- this is actually a 9-and-a-half inch dog.

CAFFERTY: All right, go to the zoo and feed the rest of them. We'll talk to you next Friday, Richard. Thank you very much. Richard Quest from "Over There."