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Thursday, February 20, 2003 - Transcripts

Part II of last week's Over There report on This American Morning:

Richard Quest :

Jack, in the next 24 hours, though, there will be a huge demonstration, possibly up to half-a-million people expected. It's an anti-war, or more properly, stop the war demonstration that takes place through London.

And already, Jack -- this wouldn't be Britain if the tabloids, the tabloid newspapers, and with it being Valentine's Day. Look at this, Jack. This is from the "Daily Mirror." It is Tony Blair and George Bush...


QUEST: ... "Make Love, not War," This is setting the tone for what we expect to be the demonstration. Stop chortling. It's serious stuff.

CAFFERTY: That's disgusting.

ZAHN: Hey, Richard? Richard, our headline is better than your headline. Look at the one Jack's holding.


ZAHN: Oh, you can't see it, but he can read it to you.

CAFFERTY: (UNINTELLIGIBLE), this is the "New York Post," and it says, "U.N. Meets," and then sitting around...

ZAHN: Go in tight. CAFFERTY: Yes. Can you get in tight on this?

ZAHN: Tight, tight, tight, tight.

CAFFERTY: Keep going.

ZAHN: There we go.

CAFFERTY: There are two weasels at the table. These would be the representatives of Germany and France.