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Monday, February 24, 2003
Richard Quest: Our Homie in London

JoAnne's just informed me that Richard does another report from London for Anderson Cooper's CNN American Stories which airs on Sunday. I'll be sure to tune in from now on to get my Quest fix!

I can just imagine the hijinks these two CNN cutups will get into. Just sample the way Anderson introduces Richard's segment on the 2/23/03 broadcast of CNN's American Stories

"ANDERSON COOPER: Welcome back to AMERICAN STORIES. I'm Anderson Cooper.

All right, so when you think of rap music, what comes to mind? P. Diddy, J.Lo, baggy pants, people doing this, saying yo, yo, yo? Maybe. But our homie in London, Richard Quest, a man who keeps it real with the best of them, we like to say, has found one very, well, unusual young rapper. Now, we're used to rappers giving a shout out to God, but this guy really gives a shout out to God. Here's Richard Quest "Across the Pond."

to be continued...