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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Can Richard Rap?

He gives it a try during this report to American Stories

QUEST: Hello. You may have thought of religion as being musty old cassocks and mothballs, and it's certainly true. The Catholic Church isn't quite as popular as it once was. And that's why many parishes around the world are working extra hard to try and appeal to the younger generation.

One priest believes he may have discovered the trick to actually appeal to the younger generation. He's Father Richard, and he's resorted to rapping.

He's dropping rhymes and rhythms during each of his Sunday services, and apparently it really gets the crowd going. Father Richard calls himself El Rappero del Dios, put another way God's Rapper, and as far as we know, the father is the first Catholic priest to grab the mike and rap in the name of God. Hallelujah! He sings songs about peace and love, and although some of the local kids say they really don't like rap all that much, they do seem to like Father Richard's rhymes. More than 5,000 teens last year turned out for one of his concerts.