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blog devoted to CNN International Business anchor, Richard Quest, who looks like a cross between Roger Daltry and a Muppet. You have to see him to believe him...

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003
New Pictures of Richard in Berlin

We receive a charming dispatch from Susie. She has this to tell us:

Richard is 100% cheeky. Below I have posted my travel journal I sent out to my list of friends and family the day after meeting Richard. He definately wasn't feeling well, but I was amazed at his professionalism and concentration. I asked him for a photograph and he said not now, but I should wait until after. He was very gracious and that is the photo at the link below.
My two favorite moments watching him this summer was him going to the London Opera costume sale and him asking Jeff Bezos from if he would actually make some money.

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 04:43:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Susie
Subject: [Susie] Elections

So I know everybody is dying to know my take on the elections last

But first a short story about Richard Quest.

So Richard Quest is this cheeky CNN (business) reporter in London that I wake up to everyday and today (after a fantastic win and party last night) was awoken to dear Richard at Zoo train station in Berlin live.
It is rainy and dang cold here and the dear boy was coughing and losing his voice. So I was preparing for my day (lots of silly chores and errands to take care of...) and magically Richard had moved to Alexanderplatz bahnhof and, well, he was just to close for me not to hop a cab and go watch.

So I watched him do a live interview and standup and snagged a photo of him. I am such a media geek. But he is the most unusual news reporter I have ever seen, and I cant believe that CNN hasnt quieted or fired him. He is very outspoken and asks bold questions. He also has the most classic mannerisms and odd Brittish accent. I dont know if he is on in the U.S. but if you turn on CNN and see a business show, that is Richard Quest from CNN!