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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
Richard the Sadist

Who knew our boy had a cruel streak? Here's his report on the Indian Royal Olympics on the 3/2/03 CNN American Stories.

How about the Olympics? And I'm not talking about running around the track or throwing the old javelin. No, this is much more exciting. India's annual royal Olympics, 69 years and still going.

(voice-over): And this lot really knows how to have fun. They have traditional events like the old tug of war, and then things like this. Look at this chap. He's pulling three men on a motorbike with his teeth. That will give his dentist something to talk about.

And what about this real test of talent? The guy strapped himself to four motorcycles headed in the opposite direction. You win I guess, if you just wanted to hang on to the bitter end. He seems to be doing well enough. The audience aren't all that impressed. It takes more than a guy nearly getting his arms ripped off to get this crowd moving.

Another competitor rides two horses standing up at the same time. And other events include wrestle wrestling -- oh, my -- paragliding.

This has to be my personal favorite. Lying in the road while getting run over by a truck. Whoever came up with this idea had better go and lie down in a darkened room. Now, in any event, you may not see these events in Athens next year, but, of course, there's always 2008. And, certainly, you'll want to make sure your health insurance is fully up to date before getting involved with that lot.