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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Hold On There, Richard! -American Stories 3/9/03 Transcripts

QUEST (on camera): Hello. What a wonderful collection of the weird and wacky we've got from around the world for you today. We start with a competition that gives a whole new meaning to hold on to our love, wife holding competition. Nine couples turned out in Thailand to take part in the contest, and hundreds of locals and tourists gathered round to watch. The first couple to drop out lasted only about 21 minutes. He said he didn't have time to practice. There wasn't a word about putting on weight.

Six hours and six couples later, only two couples are left, each equally determined to see this thing through to the bitter end. The crowd was really rooting for the little guys. Much to their disappointment, he eventually dropped his wife to the ground. Some thought in their minds he was still the winner.

The real winner did have quite the advantage, in fact. His wife only weighed 77 pounds. Well, when it comes to world records, it's only the clock that counts, 10 hours 49 minutes and 15 seconds, and imagine asking after that, have I put on weight?