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Monday, March 17, 2003
War Talk Overshadows Official Report on Prince Charles's "Shambles" of a Household but Richard Remembers

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR reports on 3/14/03 broadcast of CNN American Morning

It's time -- we were just "Over There." We're going to go back "Over There," only not to Paris. We'll go to London -- it's Friday -- to check in with our friend, Richard Quest, and find out what the London newspapers are salivating over. They love it, and so do we here in the Colonies, when there is embarrassment there at the big palace.
What's going on?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning to you, Jack.

This is the report. It's a long 100 pages. And the basic thrust of it is that Prince Charles' household is a shambles. And all -- now, don't you titter! Titter ye not! It's all about the fact that there was a rape -- there was an alleged homosexual rape at the palace, and there was the Burrell trial that collapsed, and there were all of those gifts that had been sold.

What is interesting about this report is that -- what we've discovered is that when there was that alleged homosexual rape, Prince Charles said of the alleged victim, "Let's get George out."

CAFFERTY: The George being the alleged victim.

QUEST: George being the alleged victim. He said, "Let's get George out." Nobody believed in the alleged rape. Everybody disbelieved it, and they still disbelieve it. And the upshot of this report, this long report is that the way Prince Charles runs his private household is not the sort of way you and I would run a bank account.

CAFFERTY: Yes, I was -- actually, I was laughing at the way you said "shambles." I wasn't laughing at the events in the palace. I was laughing at the way you said "shambles."