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Thursday, May 15, 2003
We Always Knew Richard Was Ahead of His Time

and now we have confirmation from our delightful correspondent, Ann in Europe.

Richard started today's Business Central this way:

"It's morning in Europe, afternoon in Asia, middle of
the night in the US and Europe's doing business"


"The best - noise of the week - for many: the Bong
that start's the friday edition of Business Central.
This is CNN."

(Business Central leader)

"I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what went wrong there, but
something between brain, mouth and wishful thinking
prompted me to say that it was friday. - - It's not of
course. It's thursday. So I'm being previous.
Whatever day it is and whereever part in the world you
are: a very good day to - maybe we should just say it
is friday and be done with it. Start the weekend a
little bit early. Maybe that's the best way to
proceed. I'm Richard Quest in London. I'm afraid it is
thursday. We've got another day to go before most of
us will enjoy a weekend."

Ann tells us, "That's it! It's better to HEAR it, of course.... :)
That's a good way to start the day, but I have to say
that I was really confused, too, when he said that - I
mostly do believe what Richard says.... ;)"

I'll gladly live on Richard Quest Time!