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Monday, May 19, 2003
Nothing Can Eclipse Richard Quest

On the 16/5/03 Business Central, Richard had this exchange with Jenny Harrison, the Weathor Anchor, as reported by our lovely correspondent, Anne:

Jenny Harrison tells us, that the lunar eclipse couldn't be seen very good everywhere because of the clouds and the rain.

"But never fear - there are more taking place later on this year. We have first of all a total lunar eclipse again. 9th november. Same viewing areas, but this time, central Asia, you should get your chance to see
this event as well.

And finally we're having a total solar eclipse on the 23rd november. Slightly different areas, which will be seeing this: Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and South America.

And, just so that you know: we did do a bit of a vote here at CNN centre and it's been decided that, knowing how much he just loves these eclipses, Richard Quest should perhaps head off to antarctica and cover that for us in november. And before that, Richard, you have
the british summer to look forward to. Have a nice weekend."

"Not a great deal of difference between going off to antarctica in the middle of november and the british summer!"

Jenny: (laughs)
"Well, you know, like I say, it's nice weather for you. Anyway, that's what I was thinking, and I know how much you love these eclipses."

"Oh, I DO love an eclipse! Particularly a solar eclipse! Alright, Jenny, many thanks! We've got months now we can look forward to: lunar eclipses, solar eclipses! (waves his hands)

We'll be back in a moment: Todd Benjamin will eclipse us all from the London stock exchange."