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Friday, June 06, 2003
Richard Quest: The Beatles Edition

He gave his "uniqe" spin on his report on Sir Paul McCarthy's gestating new offspring to CNN's American Morning on 5/30/03...

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: He's 60 years old and still making music and apparently other things as well. Paul McCartney's wife is pregnant, and we have all of the bad jokes coming from across the pond this morning from my friend, Richard Quest, who joins us with the regular Friday edition of "Over There."
You can't help but think that his other kids must be real thrilled to get this news, right? There goes another big piece of the estate, and they thought they had it all to themselves.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Only you would put such a mendacious point of view on a happy event like a pregnancy, although I do expect that Stella McCartney is not exactly delighted that the cake will now have to be cut into another section. He's already has got four children.

This is a case of more than "I just want to hold your hand!" Perhaps an example of please, please, please me. And we're not looking at yesterday; we are looking at tomorrow.

Stella McCartney -- Heather Mills, who of course is Paul McCartney's second wife, is pregnant, Lady McCartney. And the happy part about this is that it had been thought that she could not conceive again; that she had had previous problems in pregnancy. Now, of course, she's pregnant.

For Paul McCartney's point of view, he will be -- forget "When I'm 64." He will be the princely age of 78 when the child is old enough to vote.

Now, of course, he's not the oldest father we've got around at the moment. Rupert Murdoch (ph), his second wife is expecting their second child. He is actually 72 at the moment, so he'll be knocking 90 when the child is old enough to vote!