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Monday, June 09, 2003
Cheeky Richard! Did He Wear a Crown While Covering the Queen's Coronation Anniversary Celebration? - American Morning for May 30th ends with this report from Richard

CAFFERTY: What about the girl that drew the dirty picture? Have you got that one?

QUEST: Right. She's 11 years old. The contest was called, "When I'm 70." Most people drew pictures of rockets or wheelchairs or things like that. But, no, Kristen Haywood, she drew a picture of herself as a grandmother pole dancing wearing sexy underwear with the title -- the title was, "Granddad, keep your eyes shut."

The headmistress described the picture as inappropriate and offensive, although a priest actually voted it the winner. Go figure.

CAFFERTY: It's amazing how those headmistresses are so humorless. It's part of the job description, you know.

QUEST: I will be at Buckingham Palace, crown, scepter, and all ...[in my report on the Queen's 50th anniversary of her coronation on Monday]

CAFFERTY: All right, my friend. We will see you at that time. Richard Quest from "Over There." Thank you.