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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Beckham Talk Pushes Richard Round the Bend?

Wow, today must have been some show! I received reports from two of my correspondents in Europe. First Barbara in London tells us
Richard's back! I wish I could have stayed in bed this morning to watch the whole show....but here is what I could fit in from the "question of the day" moment (always quite fun) which was "Should David Beckham leave ManUnited?"

Richard and Beckham (06/11/03)

Is it possible that our unmistakeably anglosaxon man does not like football? Nahhh, impossible, maybe he just does not like Beckham....could be a Chelsea fan.

Becky and the sports correspondent are going on and on about if and why Beckam should go to Barcelona and whether the poor thing would be happy there (the $50 million don't matter, his feelings really do...).

Richard is visibly impatient.

He finally manages to cut them off: "....all right, all right let's cut the love fest already....(so and so) from Thailand writes to us and puts it all into perspective....(reading e-mail) "really, who cares?".

"And now a pie chart for you of your opinions at no expense whatsoever....".

He is indeed in good form....

More of it tomorrow!

Barbara, London

Then Anne in Germany writes

I cannot believe it! Richard just read out parts of my
email - it wasn't really important (just about David
Beckham *g*) but anyway.. I'm really excited! :)
Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough, so I don't have
it on tape now....
Nobody will believe me.... ;)

Have a nice day!

I believe it Anne! Well Done!!!