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Friday, June 13, 2003
Having a Cuppa With Richard

Richard teaches us the proper way to drink tea in Britain on today's Over There report on "CNN American Morning"

QUEST: A new Web site that has got absolutely Britain talking by storm. It's called "a nice cup of tea and to sit down." Now, we really must get used to this, because there's nothing better in Britain than a nice cup of tea.

CAFFERTY: I thought you knew how to drink tea. Why do you need a Web site to teach you how to drink tea and cookies?

QUEST: Ah, tea and cookies. This is what we're -- Mrs. Miggins (ph) here who has decided to bring the tea in. Thank you very much. And we've got the cookies. Very kind. There we are.

Now, the issue is: What makes a nice cookie? Do you want a chocolate cookie, do you want a custard cream?


QUEST: By the way, hundreds of thousands of people vote on this every week on this Web site. Or would you like a bourbon biscuit?

CAFFERTY: Yes, the chocolate.

QUEST: And then...

CAFFERTY: I want chocolate. Show me how it's done.

QUEST: Now, then -- ah, you know that we were going with this. That's the big issue: Should you be dunking biscuits? If you dunk that, you see, it holds its own.


QUEST: But if you dunk this one, then, of course, it all ends up as a big soggy mess. That's the way it looks.

CAFFERTY: The little crumbs come off and go in the bottom of the cup, right, which is disgusting when you get to the bottom of the tea cup?

QUEST: Nothing nicer than a nice cup of tea.