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Thursday, August 21, 2003
Does Richard Like a Little Tickle?

Oh behave, it means a sip of beer, if we're to believe this report broadcast on the 8/8/03 CNN American Morning because there was no "Over There" dispatch last week due to the "Great New York City Blackout of '03"


CAFFERTY: Women want their own beer over there. What's that all about? what's wrong with the men's beer?

QUEST: The campaign for Real'Ll (ph) says that women need a beer that is more feminine, more in tune with their delicate palate. And they say women don't like drinking out of pint pots. So they want their own beer.

We've decided to put it to the Test, jack. We've brought along one of our producers who often likes a little tickle. Now this is a half pint pot. Let's see how she manages that. Yes, very gentle.

But when we put it to the test with the full pint -- needless to say, this isn't beer. We've been actually breaking ordinance knows how many regulations. Let's see her tackle a pint. Watch out for this. Look at that.

CAFFERTY: She's really good. Any chance she could do the whole segment next Friday?

QUEST: She tried to keep going.

But this is what they want. They want their own beers, and they say this is all too much for them.

CAFFERTY: All right, Richard Quest over there. Hasta la vista, baby. See you next Friday.