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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

How Many Richard Quests Could Stuff a British Telephone Box?

Richard tells us in this "Over There" report to CNN's American Morning on 8/22/03

Hey, you squeezed into a phone booth, did you not?

QUEST: Fourteen people in Attenborough managed to get into one phone box. They had to do the attempt several times because people got claustrophobic, and one woman had a panic attack and had to be removed. But those of you that are not familiar with what a London phone box and the difficulty. I went to find out. Have a look.


QUEST (on camera): Now, there's not many of these left around London, so come on in and I'll show you what it looks like. Not a lot of room. We've got to get 14 people in here. Yes, that's the phone (UNINTELLIGIBLE). They even got lights and it keeps you dry in the middle of winter.

But by and large, if you need to make a phone call or anything like that, what more could you want? You and 14 of your other friends squashed into a space just a couple of feet (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Would you mind, please? Where are you putting your arms? (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


We couldn't find 14 people that would get into one phone box with me, so I was on me own.

HEMMER: Is that a record?

QUEST: Fourteen, it's an unofficial record, because the "Guinness Book of Records" weren't there to qualify it. But, yes, it's an unofficial record, 14. And if you'd like to come over, Bill and Soledad, I'll happily squeeze you in as well.

HEMMER: Now that would be worth the trip, don't you think?

O'BRIEN: Now, why would somebody who has got claustrophobia agree to be part of a team of people who are trying to climb into a phone booth? That's -- you know, that's just my question this morning.

HEMMER: Look at that picture. Two children in there, too. Is that right, Richard?

QUEST: Oh, yes. The children had to go on the bottom, and then there was a man underneath them, and he crunched down, and everybody else got on top. We do this thing quite regularly in Britain. It's called "having fun."

Richard is so silly, no?