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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Richard Should Really Beware the Old Showbiz Admonition about working with Children and Animals...

Interacting with an animal two weeks in a row is one week too many, but our boy can't help it. On the 9/12/03 edition of CNN American Morning, Richard reports in with a duck at his side. At least it wasn't on his head..

Now, there's an old piece of conventional wisdom that says "When a duck quacks, there is no echo." And I guess you found people over there to try and prove whether that's true or not?

QUEST: It's one of the biggest Trivial Pursuit questions in life, small t, small p, that when a duck quacks there is no echo. Well, meet Desmond -- Desmond, who is joining us to talk about this, this morning.

CAFFERTY: Desmond?

QUEST: Yes, Desmond. He looks like a duck, he walks like a duck, and guess what? He quacks like it. (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

CAFFERTY: Do you guys have those AFLAC commercials over there? I bet you the AFLAC duck, do you have those on British television?

QUEST: No, we don't have that. But what we do have is a quacking duck, and researcher Professor Trevor Cox (ph) has investigated as to whether Desmond actually has an echo.


QUEST: And what he's discovered is that when put in the right circumstances, like the Royal Albert Hall, you have an echo of a duck quack.

CAFFERTY: Yes. Why do we care?

QUEST: Well, this is what life's about, Jack. This is important stuff.

CAFFERTY: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot.