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blog devoted to CNN International Business anchor, Richard Quest, who looks like a cross between Roger Daltry and a Muppet. You have to see him to believe him...

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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Swept Away

We get 2 Richard items today, courtesy of Liz in Europe. Thanks Liz and to all you stalwart fans who send me Richard Quips from around the world...

9/18/03 Business Central Promo

Liz tells us "It’s not about the things Richard says but it’s his typical way to say
" So true!

Richard Quest:
What can happen in 30 seconds?
A company announces bad results
The chair price drops
Investors believe this is just the beginning
Momentum builds
A take-over bit is launched
The chair price reallys
There money to be made
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What can happens in 30 seconds?
Quite a lot!

Thursday, 18. September 2003

Richard: You looking at live pictures ... the winds are getting
harsher, therain has starting to fall and we’ve lost the pictures. What you were looking at before we... Did we pay the bill? ...Ah, before we can we’ve lost the pictures that was actually Topsail Beach in North Carolina...