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Friday, September 19, 2003
Today's Biz News Today!

thanks to Liz who sends us lots of great bits from today's Biz News broadcast.

Liz: "First of all it’s Friday and everybody seems to become crazy. This
edition of Biz News was the funniest I’ve ever seen. Richard, Hala, Jenny and
Don were absolutely hilarious. But have a look yourself"

AOL Time Warner drops ”AOL” from its name

Richard: So Susan, how are you?

Hala: (laughs) I’m okay, John.

Richard: Thank you.

Hala: We changed our names. We gonna have to change all the copyright
letters in each show, each program that says: AOL Time Warner.
Richard: Yeah.

Hala: We have to take out the AOL. A huge job for our graphic teams out

Richard: When you watch the end of the hour right on the bottom
somewhere down there you’ll see the words copyright AOL Time Warner. That has to change. The station bread[har, AOWTimeWarner brands it's bread?]... The business cards..

Hala: Everything.

Richard: The business cards.

Hala: Oh yeah, the cards of course. Absolutely

Richard: Alright. So this is what so called Biz News.

Hala: Yes, and coming up...

The was not the last time the talked about it. A little later this

Hala: This is like the last two years never even happened. Two and a
half years back to our old business cards with just Time Warner on them.
Richard: I even not care for this I expect them lying in the bottom
draw to save money.

Hala: Alright.

Richard: How is this you can just tipex out the AOL bit out, just rub
it out.

Hala: Yeah. Maybe scratch in of with a little of something.
Richard: Saves money.

They couldn’t get enough of it this morning

Richard: I never quite understand betting, which is probably why I’ve
got a penny in the pocket. The be a new era of name calling for CNNs parent
company. Maybe we should take bets on what the company will be called
this time next year...

Hala: Now we’ve said in the last few hours that we have to change our
business cards, our stationary, the copyright writing at the bottom of
the screen. I think that’s about it

Richard: Alright, we’ll change all that. Will see how we doing that AOL
Time Warner.

Hala: ‘til the next name change.

Isn't it great to have Hala back on Biz News?